Powerful Public Stand in June

Jul 03, 2023 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

Against the Sin of Homosexual Pride

Americans are increasingly offended when the homosexual agenda is imposed on them. For example, thousands protested against the Los Angeles Dodgers for honoring an anti-Catholic LGBTQ activist group called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. America Needs Fatima supporters and friends also raised funds to put up billboards nationwide to remind passersby that June is the month of the Sacred Heart, not “pride.”

However, the most impressive effort was that of faithful Catholics who led over a thousand Rosary Rallies of reparation for the sin of “pride” in the month of the Sacred Heart. Some of these events took place in front of parish churches as protests against so-called pride masses.

Many Rally Captains reported their rallies were different than those held in the past. This year, there were fewer negative reactions to the defense of traditional morality. Our Lady blessed the Rosary Rallies by inspiring many Americans to push back on the homosexual agenda.

Here are just some of the Reports from Rally Captains that we received:

“We had our Rosary Rally this past Sunday in Hartford, Conn. making a protest and act of reparation against the blasphemous "Wonderfully Made - LGBTQ+R(eligion)" movie being sponsored by a parish, which includes an extremely blasphemous picture of Our Lord's cross. We had six rally attendees present. We had several shows of support, even from some of the parish members. We had some negative feedback, including a transgender man from the parish staff. On Sunday, Hartford also had its Homosexual Pride Parade, so there were some people there for that. Overall it was a very blessed rally to make a protest and act of reparation against this horrible movie.” ~ Michael in Bridgeport, Conn.

San Diego, Calif.
San Diego, California

“This photo was of last Sunday, June 4, outside the St. John The Evangelist Parish in San Diego. With two banners, a statue of the Sacred Heart, and a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, the 15 souls prayed the five Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, the Litany of Loreto, the Divine Mercy Chaplet (sung), the Prayer to St. Joseph, the Prayer to St. Michael, and the Guardian Angel Prayer. We got the usual attempts to disrupt our prayers. We kept on. The disruptive women left.” ~ Ester in San Diego, California

These protests are possible because so many are fully aware that America has blatantly sinned and is heading down the path of perversion and evil.

Yorba Linda, Calif.
Yorba Linda, California

"We had a few honks, and thanks to the goodness of God, there were no yelling or obscene words." ~ Veronica in Richardson, Texas

Many Rally Captains reported on the positive effects of their rallies.

Austin, Texas
Austin, Texas

The fidelity and devotion of America Needs Fatima's Rosary Rally Captains is always a great example. They take to the public square to make reparation for the sin of pride in the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Left: Clewiston, Florida - Right: Columbus, Ohio
Left: Clewiston, Florida - Right: Columbus, Ohio

The LGBTQ agenda is extremely aggressive in society today. Our Lady’s Rally Captains fight back by praying rosaries in the public square to console Jesus in the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

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One captain reported: "Skies cleared just before noon, and we had four brave souls participate in our rally. We are giving credit for the blue skies to our Blessed Mother. Thank you, Mary. We will be back." ~ Denis in Ocala, Florida

Denis explained that many people feared the storm would last through the rally. But he was not discouraged, and Our Lady interceded and opened the skies for him. Thus, he had a successful Rosary Rally for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Ocala, Florida
Ocala, Florida

"Thank you for sending us the banner, and as always, may God and Our Blessed Mother be consoled and the Reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be hastened!!!" ~ Cuc in Austin, Texas

Nolensville, Tenn.
Nolensville, Tenn.

Over the years, the Public Square Rosary Rally Campaign has been responsible for millions of Rosaries prayed at tens of thousands of locations across America. The effort is a project of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) and its America Needs Fatima campaign. The campaign goal for the October rallies to pray for America is 22,000. Those who want to join this great fight by becoming a Rosary Rally Captain in October, please sign up here.

"The aim is to keep Fatima before the public every month," says American Needs Fatima director Robert E. Ritchie. "Human solutions are not enough. We need supernatural aid from Our Lady."

Now more than ever, prayer in the public square is needed. Sign up using the link below to enlist as a rally captain for the October Public Square Rosary Rally.

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