Rosary Rally Report: 2013

Oct 24, 2013 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

Just as the previous six years, the Public Square Rosary Crusade for 2013 was another monumental achievement with 11, 247 rallies held! The goal for these October rallies was 10,000.

Every year the goal for the number of rallies is increased. Every year we meet and then exceed that goal, thanks first of all to Our Lady who grants graces to attract rally captains and, secondly to staff and volunteers who make it all possible.

Banner with names of Rosary Rally sponsors

As a result of emails, letters and phone calls, we observe that rally captains understand the very grave situation in America.

Many people still appear to be asleep despite the moral and spiritual cliff towards which our nation is seemingly running. Not so the rally captains. They see very well that Our Lady and the Rosary are the true solution to our problems.

They believe in Our Lady’s words from Fatima, “let them offend Our Lord no more, for He is already much offended.”

Banner with names of Rosary Rally Captains

Rally captains also saw the rapidly increasing number of sacrileges and blasphemies that take place on a daily basis.

They offer themselves to Our Lady as rally captains to offer Her reparation for these sins and to show Our Lady that there are Catholics in America who are willing to publicly honor and defend Her. Rally captains this year demonstrated increasing zeal for the public square rosary rallies.

There has been a tremendous ground swell of interest in the public square rosary rallies.

New captains signed up all summer in addition to those who reenlisted from past years, starting on the evening of the previous year’s rally. This year at our volunteer center people were still signing up to become rally captains even the day before the rallies!

We learned of parishes where pastors organized several rallies for their parish. We learned of rally captains who increasingly organized multiple rallies. We saw rallies increase in size from past years. All of this is a sign of their understanding of the growing intensity of the conflict between those who are of the Virgin and those who are of the devil.

Petitions to Fatima

The devil knows that his time is short and that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary approaches. Rally captains were up to the challenge of increasingly standing up for Our Lady by standing up to Lucifer.

The Public Square Rosary Rallies were a success as a result of several efforts. Dedicated staff sent correspondence and emails to recruit rally captains; they also answered calls and emails.Volunteers both from home and at our volunteer center in Kansas placed thousands of calls enlisting rally captains. This year there were 153 home volunteers. Volunteers came to our office as in previous years from all across America and Canada. We were also honored to have a young volunteer from South Africa.

Rally in Hong Kong, China

Increasingly our volunteers who travel to Kansas describe their experience as a retreat. One volunteer commented, “away from home, family, and friends we came together to offer our time, energy, and voices to unite people in prayer for our country. ”This year over half of our volunteers were returning volunteers from previous years, some for their fourth year. Upon arrival some said they felt like they were returning to their second home.

Our dedicated volunteers hear incredible stories from all over America. There was the mother who called and said that she wasn’t able to become a rally captain because she had eight children and wouldn’t have anyone to watch them. Our volunteer told her, “There’s your rally.”She said, “You mean we can bring children?” The volunteer answered, “by all means!”

Rally in Washington

Twice this year volunteers signed up rally captains who were bed ridden in nursing homes. They told us that they told staff to wheel their beds to the front yard of their nursing homes so that they could hold their rallies. It is this kind of devotion that will hasten the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and bring about the conversion of America.

What is also magnificent is that a good number of Catholic schools and CCD classes organized rallies in order to get their students involved in practicing their faith in the public square by praying for America.

Thank you to all those who participated in this successful effort to publicly witness Our Lady and her rosary. See pictures of more rallies below....

Rosary Rally in Stone Mountain, GA
Rally in Las Vegas, NV
Rosary Rally in Fort Kent, ME
Oklahoma City, OK Rosary Rally