ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2024

INSIDE: The Consoler of Jesus: Saint Francisco of Fatima • Finding Sanctity in the Ordinary • Manhood: A Catholic Look at a Much-Needed Commentary • A Miracle in Glass

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2023

INSIDE: True Devotion: A Trilogy • The Alphabet of Gratitude • The Harpist in Orlando’s Airport • Why Do Liberals Rage When Children’s Innocence Is Defended? • Seven Sublime Ways to Make Christmas Merry Again

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2023

INSIDE: Celebrating Half a Century of the American TFP’s Fight for Christian Civilization • Fighting Communism for Half a Century • 5 Decades of TFP Caravans

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2023

INSIDE: Bruised for Our Sins: The Holy Face Devotion and the Call to be Modern-Day Veronicas • Girls Vs Boys, Part II • Only the Pursuit of Wisdom Can Overcome the Triumph of Nihilism

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2023

INSIDE: Hope for a Hopeless World • Refuting the Arguments That Promote Drag Queen Story Hours • Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Is So Crucial for Our Days • Girls Versus Boys, Part 1

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2023

INSIDE: Fantasy or Sacred Duty? • It’s Time for Americans to Pray on the Fifty-Yard Line • The Myths, the Legends, and the Whole Truth about TFP Caravans

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2022

INSIDE: Five Crucial Lessons from the Uproar over Roe v. Wade • How the Immaculate Conception Can Help Us Understand the Crisis in the Church • Stopping for Christmas

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2022

INSIDE: It's Time for Grace at Meals • The WHATEVER Mentality Religion • Eucharistic Miracle in Seefeld, Austria • Tradition: How It Keeps Us Alive and Well

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2022

INSIDE: 50 Years Ago…Our Lady Wept in New Orleans • Defending Innocent Children from Drag Queen Story Hour • In Memoriam • Hope for Ukraine

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2022

INSIDE: Saint Anthony of Padua: Apostle, Miracle Worker and Hammer of Heretics • Do Your Children Belong to the State? • Clothed in Light

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2022

INSIDE: Etiquette and Ceremonial: Why? • Lenten Meditation on an Unconventional Ash Wednesday • Antonio Fragelli: a Catholic Who “Ran the Race and Fought the Good Fight”

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2022

INSIDE: The Fiery Sword of the Prophet Elias • Evaluating the Spectacular Impact of the Religious Right • The Very Special Mission of Saint Bernadette, Seer of Lourdes

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2021

INSIDE: Why Do We Blame Society for Bad Personal Choices? • Our Lady’s Thoughts on Christmas Day • Gnosticism: the Force Behind the Chaos

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2021

INSIDE: Resist the betrayal of the West, Flower of Christian Civilization • The Four Beautiful Bonds of a Happy Marriage • The Paratrooper's Prayer

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2021

INSIDE: Elizabeth Ann Seton Celebrating the Life of the First American-born Saint, 200 Years Later • “There’s No 9-1-1 for You to Call” • 20,613 Rally Captains March into Battle Across America

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2020

INSIDE: Why the “Black Lives Matter” Movement Is Wrong and Can Destroy America • The Struggle Against the Power of Darkness • “Twilight” of the Sun of Justice

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2020

INSIDE: Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: A Tribute on the 25th Anniversary of His Death • Is the Coronavirus a Chastisement? • A Past Full of Blessings • Christ the Redeemer

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2020

INSIDE: Our Lady of Good Help and the Peshtigo Fire Miracle • Give Your Child the Gift of Devotion to Mary • The Coronavirus Is a Call to Return to God • The Legend of the Locket

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2020

INSIDE: Making the Case for America's Return to Order • Adulting—It Can Be Done! • Can History Cast Doubt on the Evidence of Global Warming? • Longing for the Father’s House

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2020

INSIDE: Our Lady of the Grand Return: A Story of Hope for Our Times • Can the Mad and Lonely Shooter Be Stopped? • Saintly Role Models • Cristo de la Vega: An Ancient Tale

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2019

INSIDE: Green is the New Red: The Metamorphosis of Communism • True Environmental Stewardship • Restore Notre Dame to Its Pre-fire Perfection • Back to the Faith After 50 Years

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2019

INSIDE: Islam and the Suicide of the West • Whatever Happened to the Boy Scouts? • One Woman’s Heroism; an Example of Honor for All • A Magdalene of Our Times • The Weight of the Cross

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2019

INSIDE: The Spirit of Hollywood Versus the Spirit of the Cross • The Power of a Good Book • Fighting Back Against the Drag Queen Story Hour • True Glory Can Only Be Born of Pain

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2018

INSIDE: “Transgender Ideology? Yes, it’s Child Abuse!” • Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus • Building a Bridge Builds Confusion • Love and Fear of the Lord

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2018

INSIDE: Lenten Reflections • Instilling Confidence in Children • Why Nothing Is Sacred Anymore • Saint Katharine Drexel • A Tale of Two Marches— Reasons for Hope and Confidence

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2018

INSIDE: The Civilization of the Lie and Its Rejection of Truth • A Catholic Teenager’s Guide to Modesty • How Medieval Antibiotics Can Offer Effective Medical Solutions

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2017

INSIDE: Living Our Baptismal Vows • The Up-to-Date Woman • How Our Lady Transformed Francisco and Jacinta into Great Saints • The Little Juggler of Our Lady • The Real Man

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2017

INSIDE: The Martyrs of Japan: Champions of the Faith • Soldiers Don’t Die So Protesters Can Burn Flags • The Good Catholic Daughter: The Best Hope for a Renewed World

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2016

INSIDE: America’s Fatima Future: How a Return to Order Can Make It Happen • What It Means for America to Be Great Again •Playing Games with Our Wars and War with Our Games

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2016

INSIDE: Saint Louis de Montfort and Our Fight for Mary’s Triumph • The Ecce Homo: A Remedy for Domestic Discord • Saved from Hell by the Stabat Mater • The Cookie Jar Elections of 2016

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2014

INSIDE: “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” • Ten Ways to Honor Our Parents • Stop the War on Inequality • Is the Red Menace Over? • Paying Homage to the Patroness of the Americas • Friday Night Pizza

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2014

INSIDE: Pope Saint Pius X—100 Year Anniversary • Mothers of Vocations • Why I Side With the 1% • Amid Outcry, Black Mass at Harvard Cancelled • A Candle’s Flame

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2014

INSIDE: Divorce and Romanticism— City of Man vs. City of God • Parenting in Harmony • Rachel, Why Do You Cry? • An Unforgettable Holy Week in Seville • March for Life 2014

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2013

INSIDE: Give America a New Nativity • A God So Small, Yet Infinite; Infinite and Yet So Small! • Student Action Takes Catholic University to Task • When Our Lady Touches a Soul, Get Ready for the Unexpected!

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2013

INSIDE: Equality’s Next Victims • It’s Time for Grace at Meals • Whom Do Americans Trust the Most? • Court’s Decisions Must Strengthen Pro-Family Resolve • A Worldwide Moral Battle

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2013

INSIDE: Organic Christian Order: The Solution for America's Socio-Economic Crisis • A “Way of the Cross” Society • A Brutal Pace of Life: The Fruit of Intemperance • America Is Worth Fighting For

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2013

INSIDE: I Was There at the 2012 Public Square Rosary Rally • Parents: 10 Important Nevers • Confidence in Our Lady Amidst the Storm • How Marie Antoinette Gave Prestige to the Potato

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2012

INSIDE: The Catholic Spirit of Christopher Columbus • The Decision for Socialization of Medicine • Chivalry: Alive and Well • The Power of a Picture • The Shame of Women in Combat

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2012

INSIDE: Kathleen Sebelius Goes to Georgetown • Training in Detachment • Should We Judge Others? • Tears, a Miraculous Warning • We Need “Heroic” Catholics! • Through the Valley of Death

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2012

INSIDE: Our Greatest Hope: The Perfect Happiness of Heaven • More Important than Catechism • The Cold Chill of Global Warming Politics • 2011 Public Square Rosary Rallies

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2011

INSIDE: Ten More Good Reasons to Fight Against Abortion • The Blood of Martyrs: The Seed of Crusaders • Arrested for Praying at Notre Dame • Big Ben: A Symbol of Great Values • The Joy of Christmas Together

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2011

INSIDE: 5,963 Public Square Rosary Rallies Across America • New Yorkers Reject Socialism • Our Lady of the Nursing Child • The Power and Influence of Music — An interview with Philip B. Calder

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2010

INSIDE: Saint Damien: A Hero Who Died on the Battlefield of Honor • Tea with the Queen • The Church Must Protest Against Laws Favoring Homosexuality • A Different Type of Halloween

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2010

INSIDE: Socialism: The Errors of Russia as Predicted by Our Lady of Fatima • Our Lady Offers “Good Success” in Quito • Our Lady of Deliverance, Empress of China

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2003

INSIDE: The American TFP in Defense of Traditional Marriage • Fatima: The God-chosen Solution • Crime Control, Not Gun Control • A Visit to Remember

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2009

INSIDE: Our Lady of Guadalupe: She Who Smashes the Serpent • The Christmas Season Is a Time for Joy and Gratitude • Coffee and the Art of Conversation

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2009

INSIDE: The Little-Known Saint Thérèse • The Pro-Abortion Movement’s Best Kept Secret • True Sanctity Is Strength, Not Sentimental Softness • The Young Couple

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2009

INSIDE: Is There a Solution When Society is Corrupt? • Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Is Very Crucial for Our Days • A Visit to Our Lady’s Grotto

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2008

INSIDE: The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel • What Is Tolerance? • “No Greater Love” • Largest Ever Louisiana Call to Chivalry Camp

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2008

INSIDE: What Makes the Fatima Message so Urgent? • Pro-Abortion Politicians and the Church’s Position on Holy Communion • Striking the Right Chord

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2008

INSIDE: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Our Powerful Advocate in Heaven • Why Pray to Mary? • Understanding the Power of Music • Remembering Cuba’s Victims of Communism

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2008

INSIDE: A Medieval Castle In America • Gratitude: The Memory of the Heart • Proudly Rejecting Abortion in the Public Square • Two Styles, Two Ways of Being

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2007

INSIDE: Beyond Pro-life: Fighting The Whole Cultural War • Lessons from the Holy Grotto • The Intervention of Our Lady in History • Preparing for Christmas

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2007

INSIDE: The Centennial of the Encyclical Pascendi Against the Modernists • No Happy Ending for Abortion • Clash of Cultures: Subjugation of the Aztecs

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2007

INSIDE: Don Pelayo and the Reconquista of Spain • Fatima: An Appeal to Beauty, Purity and Reparation • Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2007

INSIDE: Is There Room in Today's World For the Fatima Message? • Why Do We Need Natural Moral Law? • Devotion to the Heart of Mary Will Save the World

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2007

INSIDE: How Our Surroundings Form and Deform Human Soul • Slipping Down the Dark Road of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research • Why Did Johnny Quit Church?

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2006

INSIDE: Virgin: Its Not a Dirty Word • Garcia Moreno: Heroic President of Ecuador • In Search of Christmas • Albuquerque Outflanks Islam in the Indian Ocean

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2006

INSIDE: Education and Manners: Is There a Connection? • 'Medieval Paternalism’ vs. Progressivist Neo-Slavery • Sacredness Calls for Beauty

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2006

INSIDE: "Father, not My will, but Thine be done." A Lenten Meditation • Is It Fair that the Innocent Pay for the Guilty? • Standing by the Cross in Nebraska

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2005

INSIDE: Contemplating the Adorable Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ • Christmas Traditions for the Family • Youthful Jesuits and Spanish Mystics

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2004

INSIDE: TFP in Action for Traditional Marriage • Dressing with Dignity: A Lost Notion? • Gnosticism, Anti-Catholicism and The Da Vinci Code

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2004

INSIDE: Moral Issues Divide America • Devotion to Our Lady and the Dignity of Mother of God • A Word from the Bishop • The Fight for Traditional Marriage

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2004

INSIDE: Expelled By The Rosary • The Power and Meaning of General Absolution • The Power of Prayer • Defending Marriage in Boston • The Revolution Becomes More Violent

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2004

INSIDE: Making Abortion Unthinkable • Doing It God’s Way • A Marriage Made in Heaven • Gospel Truth: Major Media Dig Up Old Errors to Shine Anew

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2003

INSIDE: Are We Still "One Nation Under God?" • Tolerance v. Progress • Celebrating Victory in Chicago • The Spirit of Chivalry Lives On • Why Must I Suffer?

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2003

INSIDE: True Devotion True Liberty • Catholic Louisiana: The Road Less Traveled • Temporal Society in the Divine Plan • Catholics Confront Boston Blasphemy

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2003

INSIDE: A Sacred Trust Threatened • Luther’s Legacy of Disunity • Protest against play portraying Our Lady as a lesbian • The Universal Mediatrix • Love Is Not Tolerance

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2003

INSIDE: Who Can Change the Church? • Fatima and the Iraq Crisis • Charles V and the House of Hapsburg • Why Doesn’t God Always Listen? • Passion of Christ, Passion of the Church

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2002

INSIDE: A Bold Response to Scandals • ANF Progress Report • The Renaissance Popes • Fast Food Slows Down

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2002

INSIDE: Adoration Chapels Spread Across America • ANF Progress Report • Persecution of Catholics in Russia and China Increases • Heresies and Humanism

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2002

INSIDE: Mary, The Ark of the New Covenant • Prophecies for our Times • Current Church Crisis in Perspective • A Visit to Fatima

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2002

INSIDE: America Longs for Chivalry • Should Infants Be Baptized? • Melting Hearts of Men: A Siberian Pilgrimage • Prince Bertrand Speaks on Leadership and Faith

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2001

INSIDE: The Year in Review • Modesty: the Virtue That Protects Chastity • The Crusades — Heroism in Defense of the Faith

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2001

INSIDE: Joan of Arc in Real Life • Attack on America • Catholic Apologetics • The Grunt Padre • Reviving the Anti-Communist Spirit of America

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2001

INSIDE: Harry Potter and the Innocence of Our Children • When Human Life Becomes a Commodity • Considerations on Catholic Culture

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2001

INSIDE: The Cult of Ugliness in America • The Primacy of Peter • Apologetics on Air • Reflections on a Cold Beer. . . And More!

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2001

INSIDE: A Spectacle of Charity • Facing the Military Threat • The Angelus • Miracle at Rue de Bac • Innocence Versus the Culture of Monsters

ANF Crusade Magazine Nov/Dec 2000

INSIDE: The "Little King" Infant of Prague • Celebrating Feasts and Seasons • The "Lady", a Higher Concept of Modesty • A Roman Exorcist Tells His Story

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2000

INSIDE: Following the Stars to Santiago • The Third Secret • Supreme Court and the Destruction of Principles • The Last Pope-King

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2000

INSIDE: The Heroic Virtues of Jacinta and Francisco • Finally, the Third Secret Is to Be Revealed • Communist China Emerges as an Increasingly Pernicious Danger • The Sheer Joy of Causing Joy

ANF Crusade Magazine May/Jun 2000

INSIDE: Fredric Baraga, The Snowshoe Priest • Pius XII: Hitler's Pope? • Where is Elian's Journey Leading Us? • Beyond the Digital Divide

ANF Crusade Magazine Mar/Apr 2000

INSIDE: Anti-Dogma Campaign Update • Is it reasonable to believe in the Divinity of Jesus Christ? • Gone with the Wind?

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2000

INSIDE: A Look Into the Afterlife • A Personal look at Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira • The Experience Economy • Why Celibacy? • The Unity of Christians

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