Mail box Jan to June 2022

Opposing Satanism

“I am retired law enforcement and spent the last fifteen years in the Warwick Police Department investigating ritual crime including Satanism. You have no idea how this cartel of sin has affected many a person. I wish you luck in your endeavor.” - E.P., Warwick, Rhode Island

“I cannot believe Wal-Mart, which is a family store, would offer something like these [satanic] items stated! Very disappointed!!” - D.R., Boynton Beach, Florida

“I’m truly saddened by the information enclosed in the letter you sent to me. Everything is moving fast now. We need Rosary Rallies. We need Mother Mary. We need to pray more. We need to crush the growth of Satanism.” - R.P., Rialto, California

Child of Mary Donors

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“I get lots of mail and find it difficult to sow so many seeds of sacrificial giving, but your invitation to become a Child of Mary was most acceptable to me. I was waiting for a ministry like this! It really is a joy to be a part of America Needs Fatima for so many reasons. And I thank you so much for the 2021 ANF calendar. Just like last year, I hung it on my kitchen wall where I see it as I eat my meals. It is very beautiful . . . thank you! I want to apologize for sending in my gift for the calendar so late, however, I know anytime is a good time to sow a seed to your ministry.” - C.B., Sunrise, Florida

“I am so very happy and filled with joy in being able to help the Blessed Mother reach so many souls. I don’t remember now when I first started giving monthly gifts to ANF, but I have always rejoiced over you reaching out to me to help you help the Most Blessed Virgin to save souls with my monthly gifts and occasional donations. I consider these as blessings for me and I will never regret the gifts I send you. May God bless you and your family for all that you do. I have in my rosaries/prayers you and all those working for the Blessed Mother for the salvation of souls.” - P.L., Girard, Ohio

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Rosary and Rosary Booklet

“Your rosary booklet is the very best so far that I have seen. The pictures and art are beautiful! Wonderful for meditating—even small children could learn. The printing is just right, easy for reading and praying. The rosary is so powerful and calming when praying. Would love to have a few more books for gift-giving if possible. The need is great and you are helping immensely. Continue to send out these booklets to the population. The Blessed Mother will triumph, the enemy will, in the end, be defeated! We keep praying!” - M.B., Eynon, Pennsylvania

Rosary Guide Booklet

“Because I have a beautiful Rosary that I’ve had for a long time, I gave this lovely Fatima Rosary to a friend who teaches theology. He was happy to have it for his classes.” - T.M., Westfield, Massachusetts

“Enclosed is a donation to support the good works you do. Please send me three of the Rosary booklet guides so that I can help spread devotion to Our Lady’s Holy Rosary. God bless you and your ministry.” - J.M., Clinton Township, Michigan

“This Rosary will be going to my grandson who has started serving in the Army. Thank you. God bless.” - E.W., Rockford, Illinois

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Public Square Rosary Rallies

“We want to help make the Rosary Rallies a success!! We make this gift to honor our holy Mother of the Rosary and to beg her blessings upon our country, our Church, and all people, especially in our own families. We must overcome Satanism in all its forms. May God and His Blessed Mother bless you and America Needs Fatima.” - J.B. and L.B, Brockton, Massachusetts

2022 Chagrin Falls Rosary Rally
2022 Chagrin Falls Rosary Rally

“Thank you for remembering me with all the up-to-date info about the Rosary Rallies and news about the apostolate. The Rosary Rallies must continue full blast to knock the Satanists off their feet!!! Our Lady is helping us, She is with us! Prayers and love to you and all the workers and volunteers there!” - E.D., Vaguita, New Mexico

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Miracles DO Happen

True Devotion to Mary Book

“Just had to write to explain why, after one and a half years, I finally made a donation for the True Devotion to Mary book you had mailed to me. When I received it, I really had no idea what the book was truly about, and just put it aside. I figured that I would look at it later and investigate it then. For some reason, I put it on my printer, and it just sat there. Well, about a week ago, my printer wouldn’t work. In the process of resolving the issue, I removed all the things from my printer, which included the package with the book inside. I finally decided it was time to investigate the book. And what a surprise that was in store for me. I had recently enrolled in a parish retreat called 33 Days to Morning Glory. It is about consecration to Blessed Mary. The first week focuses on Saint Louis de Montfort and his life and devotion to Mary. When I finally removed the book you sent from the package it came in, and saw he was the author of the book, I knew then why my printer had stopped working. The Good Lord wanted me to finally investigate the book and see that it directly related to the parish retreat that I was attending and studying. Things like this are not mere coincidence; they are divine interventions of a sort, meant to develop a deeper devotion. And in this instance; a deeper devotion to Blessed Mary, and the sacred relevancy of her to our personal lives. Needless to say, I am reading the book fervently, and enjoying it very much. Thank you for having sent it.” - L.W., Waterford Works, New Jersey

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“I got your thank you note in today’s mail. I was so pleased with your thank you note. You can count on me always, Mr. Ritchie. I am an old lady now at eighty-two years old and I have a partly autistic son who I named Brett. My husband left us when my child was six weeks old. Brett and I struggle from month to month, but God always helps us every month. My son Brett is a miracle child. When he was four years old, he could not speak. He’d been going to school to learn how to speak since he was two. The teachers felt sorry for him, so they still included him in the school Christmas play, but just to ring the bell. My mom and I were praying for him to speak for over four years now. That night, he rang the bell in the play just like he was told, then grabbed the microphone and very clearly spoke his first words ever! “Merry Christmas,” he said to all! After that, he could speak just like you and I. Everyone in the place was crying that night. I was as white as a sheet and almost fell over. Just imagine; God gave us a miracle with Brett! I wanted you to know our story, Mr. Ritchie. I hope you will share my story about Brett with many people. How God answered my prayers after four and a half years! Brett and I are both firm Catholic people! Please pray for us.” - C.F., Thibodaux, Louisiana

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“Thank you for the beautiful letter. I am ninety-five years old and cannot walk. I am in a Franciscan Religious Monastery and the nurses push me around in a chair. I entered the convent from the eighth grade. My Dad did not go to church, so I entered the convent for the intention of his conversion. After I had been in the convent some time, my father left my mother and our home, and left home to go live with another woman. I felt so very saddened, but kept up with my prayers for him. About sixteen years later, I was called to go to the hospital because my dad was going to die. But I was actually so happy, because I found out he had finally gone to Confession and received Communion. I thanked God, and hugged Dad. I was so happy he was reconciled with God and the Church at long last.” - Sister D.M., Lemont, Illinois

ANF Apostolate

“You are doing a wonderful thing for God.” - E.G., Barstow, California

“Thank you for the mailings of the rosaries and also the Saint Michael medal. I wish I could do more but I am grateful I can offer this donation in helping Our Lady’s battle that we all are choosing to fight with her, at her side.” - K.B., Crystal Lake, Illinois

“Thank you for all the work you are doing to spread the work of Our Lady of Fatima. I enjoy reading all the letters and Crusade Magazine that you send. In Notre Dame, I remain. - C.Q, Santa Rita, Guam

“Thank you for all you do to help us to be aware of the need for prayer—and sending the rosaries and books to help us grow in holiness.” - C.S., Cincinnati, Ohio

“In the past, for many years, a group of us gathered every Saturday morning to pray the rosary in public before an abortion center. It finally closed down. So prayer and witness do count! I am thankful I have that experience to take to the Judgment Seat of God when the time comes. For we never know how many others were changed just by our witness. God bless you for your perseverance and your fidelity, Robert Ritchie!” - I.C., Girard, Ohio

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Our Lady of Fatima Rosary

“I want to let you know I pray the Rosary morning and night, and I see great changes in my family. I love my Fatima rosary!” - M.B., Oakland, California

“I gave the rosary to a mother, and she wanted to give it to her son! He’s a freshman student enrolled at George Mason University. I have received all the items you have sent to me in good condition. The books I enjoy reading at bedtime. I thank you so much for everything.” - P.C., Aldie, Virginia

White Rosary

“I gave it [Our Lady of Fatima rosary] to a friend who is considering entering the Church!” - A.R., Granville, Ohio

“May God bless you for what you’re doing. The Rosary is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It was as if there was a grace accompanying it, so that when I opened it, I was just in awe.” - M.G., Bloomfield, New Mexico

“I seem to have clouds around me right now, so thank you so much for this gift.” - H.C., Atlanta, Georgia

“Just an FYI for you: I would like you to know that several of the rosaries that you have sent to me I have passed on to fallen away Catholics who have asked me how to pray the rosary. We make a good team, you and I!” - C.D., Pleasant Hill, Missouri

“A friend of mine was losing her battle with cancer and wanted to see a priest. I tried everyone I knew who might have a priest’s phone number. I started the rosary and by the time I said the last ‘Amen,’ I got a phone call. The priest was at my friend’s house! I could not believe my ears! He gave her the Last Rites and she died the very next day. I have been praying my rosary for many years, ever since my mother heard about Fatima—what a great help Our Lady has been to me. Thank you, ANF!” - J.S., Crosby, Minnesota

Sacred Heart Calendar

“I LOVE this calendar. Please do another for next year.” - R.H., Colorado Springs, Colorado

SHJ Calendar 2022

“Thank you for the precious calendar. I will pray for Holy Mother Church and all who need prayers so that they may receive salvation through these efforts of yours. I have received much more from ANF than I have given. I say the rosary almost every day now. Mind you, my husband was the Catholic; I was Lutheran. I am a convert to the Faith. I love what you are doing. God bless you.” - J.S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Thank you for producing such beautiful calendar images. With them, I appreciate being informed of the feast days and other holy days.” - C.F., Fountain Valley, California

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