Mail box Jan to June 2023

“Socialists aim to tear families apart”

Child of Mary Pin

“Thank you for giving me—via your special participatory mailings and monthly Child of Mary program—the opportunity to get things right for myself. I knew our country had fallen down the rabbit hole when I learned of this insane program that the transvestites were teaching to such innocent little ones. Jesus and Mary don’t want that for the little ones. Socialists aim to tear families apart. Our current administration is focused on giving them power and control over the citizenry. They aim to break every godly individual and tear down what made us worthy world leaders, not to mention the corruption of our children (who are our future). We are in a state of anarchy and the Marxists love it.” - S.K., South Bend, Indiana

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“I pray daily and the Mother of God is always included. Our country is in sad shape, and most of the world is also. As predicted, the battle between good and evil is at fever pitch. I read Bible scripts daily and it seems to me that things are drawing to the time where Jesus returns and Satan and his demons are forever sent back to hell where they belong.” - G.B., North Port, Florida

“Today our beloved country must face—and overcome—those that would destroy our way of life and freedom; those that would seek power over mankind. I pray to Our Lady of Fatima for America—to destroy this socialist-communist rule of insanity that fights against our God-given freedom. We need the help of Our Lady, all of us who have faith that good will triumph over evil. I know we need God’s help. The health and well-being of America and the rest of the world is at stake. We must ask our dear heavenly Mother to pray for us and intercede on our behalf.” - R.L., Commack, New York

From Rosary Rally Captains

“I would love to be a rally captain again. This year will be my eighth year as a captain! I am very honored and humbled to continue being a captain.” - L.I., Chula Vista, California

“Thank you for my Rally Captain’s Manual. It sure did help me. Mr. Ritchie, you are so nice to your captains! It’s good to have you thank us, but I so enjoy doing this for Our Lady; I LOVE it. So thank YOU—for making the rallies keep happening!! You are very blessed and Our Lady loves you. I pray for all the people who have forgotten God. Jesus and Mary love you so much for all you do for people like us to stay close to them. It’s a lot of work—but you will never regret it and will be blessed in so many ways.” - P.T., New Iberia, Louisiana

St Paul Rosary Rally
St Paul Rosary Rally 2022

“Last year, we had a great day for our public rosary rally and I’m hoping to duplicate it again this year. There were 25 of us and our dear priest led the rosary for us. As we said our rosary in front of the Blessed Mother statue alongside our church St. Mary of Charlevoix (because it is the main street through town), we heard many car horn toots and saw lots of hand waves—it was very rewarding and I was so proud to be there letting our town know how much we honor and love Our Lady of the Rosary.” - P.S., Charlevoix, Michigan

“Thank you for the beautiful picture of Mary you sent. Awesome!! I have some little money left over this month, and I am sending it in hopes you can send me more of these pictures of Our Lady of Fatima. I have so many people who ask me for them. They all need Mary in their lives! You also sent me a book on the rosary, which is the great weapon of our times. I agree, and I loved the book! The Glories of Mary was another ANF book that I was so excited to delve into when I got it in the mail. God bless you, Mr. Ritchie, and all your staff! I’m a Child of Mary member and glad to be able to support in this small way. I just wish I could send more money than I do, believe me. It’s not just about giving money, you see—it’s about what it’s for and WHO it’s about! I’ve been a rosary rally captain for many years for the police, for America, for all the intentions. You all are always in Mary’s Heart. You do so much for her. Thank you for being the people I know GOD wants you to be.” - P.T., New Iberia, Louisiana

Rosary Rally Central

Handbook for Holy Souls

Holy Souls Handbook

“I pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory every day. I am so glad that we are trying to get more people to pray and become aware of our need to pray for the Poor Souls. I constantly remind people about the need to pray for them and that they must change their lifestyle. Purgatory is real! I so love the Handbook for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. I was hoping you could send me a quantity so that I may give them out. I minister to our homebound parishioners, and I would like to give them each a book.” - E. E., Angola, New York

ANF Apostolate

“I appreciate you defending the dignity of the Catholic Church. I hope there are many good Catholics interested in this vital apostolate that can help you in this struggle against those who don’t love or understand God and Our Blessed Mother. Only prayer and sacrifice will finish this as Our Lady of Fatima says. We must do what we can.” - J.A., Saint Augustine, Florida

“God bless you, Mr. Ritchie, for your great dedication to Our Lady of Fatima. Indeed, our Blessed Virgin Mary is the only hope we have to save our planet from total annihilation from the dark forces of evil. We must continue to pray further, and the rosary is the greatest weapon we have to combat Satan.” - G.C., Farmington, Michigan

“I’m much impressed with what you’ve accomplished. I’m grateful you’re offering us a plan to deal with a sinful world lost in chaos and destruction. I love you, America Needs Fatima, for all the good you do.” - R.S., San Marcos, California

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“It’s important to me that America Needs Fatima is successful because Our Lady spoke of fixing our country as well as the world if we prayed to her more often.” - T.C., Salem, Oregon

“God bless your fantastic organization that I have been a member of for thirty plus years.” - G.A., Sacramento, California

“Thank you for ALL your good work. America needs Fatima more and more each day. God bless you all for your great work. I will continue to support you. I believe in all your work and want to help so badly. Please continue your efforts. I do believe in you and your cause. The world is getting worse every day and we can’t do it without your help. Do not give up. America needs your help so badly. The world needs to know the great work that you’re always doing. The world needs to hear Mary’s message at Fatima.” - M.M., Brockport, New York

“Thank you for promoting Christianity in the world. I pray we can keep the light of the faith lit, to fight Satanism. Please use my gifts to spread the message of Fatima and I will pray for all of us to promote Christianity. My husband, God rest him, and I are Presbyterians though.” - A.M., Knoxville, Tennessee

2023 Fatima Calendar

2023 Fatima Calendar

“Thank you so much for the calendar, it is beautiful. I work at an assisted living home and residents there are so very dear and special. One dear lady prays the rosary all day. She carries it with her everywhere she goes. She was so afraid of something. I took her the calendar you sent me. She cried and said, “Our Lady is with me!” Now I have a priest and another resident asking me for one of your calendars, too. They pray daily rosaries and even got those who don’t know the rosary to come out and pray the rosary together every morning.” - D.D., Great Bend, Kansas

“Thank you so much for the calendar, too. It’s great stuff to have at home and for everyone who visits us to take a look at those pretty religious images of Our Lady of Fatima. Very merciful eyes looking on us. Deep within those eyes, gives us peace of mind and contentment in the uncertainty of our times.” - P.S., Walnut, California

“I sort of scribbled on the confirmation sheet, and I wanted to tell you more clearly how beautiful the calendar is and that I love it. If possible, I would love it if you could send it to my granddaughters. Meghan and Molly are teenagers and share a bedroom. They both go to Catholic school, but there is little or no devotion in the home. The household is very much in the world. Mia is another granddaughter in another household. She was born on May 13, and I gave her the Fatima movie on one of her birthdays, but I don’t think she’s watched it yet. She too goes to Catholic school, but again, there is not a lot of Catholic devotion in her home.” - H.A., Metairie, Louisiana

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Fatima Home Visit/Team

“Your presentations on Fatima are so informational. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since the day you brought Our Lady into our home! My anxiety and cravings are bad, but she is helping me. Thank you for all that you do for Our Lady of Fatima. God’s blessings to you and your coworkers, especially to keep you safe and loved. I’m keeping you in my daily prayers for all to go well with you all.” - A.B., Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

“It was several years ago now that we had your Fatima Custodian bring the beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima to our house. I personally believe that the graces of that visit had a lot to do with uncovering two bad priests, one of whom was our parish priest. He was caught by a miracle of God. He was a Satanist and a con man. P.S. We pray our rosaries every day.” - K.C. and B.C., Pearl River, Louisiana

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Sharing ANF Materials

“I mentor an incarcerated prisoner by mail, and I want you to know that I sent this inspiring Fatima calendar to him.” - V.M., Dubuque, Iowa

“I have enclosed a donation in thanksgiving for all that your group does! Could you please send me a few Fifteen Promises pamphlets for those who pray the rosary? There are some new people coming into our church, and I would like to give them one to help with their Catholic journey! Thank you.” - S.E., Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

“I just want you to know that when I get done reading each of your books you send, I leave them at church after Mass so that others can benefit from them, too.” - B.L., Tacoma, Washington

“I’ve sent the book The Glories of Mary to my best friend Deborah who has fourth stage cancer! I thought she could use it more than me.” - M.C., New York, NY

Battlelines Newsletters

“Thank you for sending me your monthly Battlelines Newsletters. Reading all these stories of brave rally captains gives me hope for our Country! We must pray out in the Public Square to show others that we are ‘One Nation under God’ and we must do what Our Lady of Fatima asked: ‘to pray the Rosary for the conversion of sinners.’ It has inspired me to start doing monthly Rosary Rallies. Thank you, thank you!” - E.T., San Diego, California

Battlelines Newsletter

"I enjoy reading the monthly Battlelines newsletter. Inspiring stories to boost one's spirit in these trying times! God bless! - G.G., Hanover PA

“Inspiring! The situation in our world tends to discourage us and makes us want to give up… but the Battlelines Newsletter inspires me to have confidence in Our Lord and Our Lady, and to fight boldly for the moral values of America and of the Catholic Faith. It’s inspiring to see fellow Catholics in the public square successfully pushing back against the evil leftist agenda.” - J.R., Fort Worth, TX

“For a long time, my wife and I have been doing ANF’s public square rosary rallies. I’m sure, like many others, in between rallies, we are strongly tempted to stop or ‘just take a little break from it.’ But then my Battlelines newsletter arrives each month and banishes that temptation back to hell, where it came from. Battlelines is our monthly ‘vaccine’ against Satan’s temptation to stop. THANK YOU! – VERY much. You help us to never give up in the cause of Our Lady.” - Mr. & Mrs. John B., Kansas City, MO


Dear Devotees of Our Lady, Rest in Peace

“My beloved husband Sam—and former devotee of America Needs Fatima—was called home to the God he so loved last year. We are broken-hearted to have lost such a wonderful gentleman who loved Our Dear Lord, Our Blessed Mother, and Saint Joseph so much. I am so grateful to Our Blessed Lady of Fatima for the fifty-six years together that we were blessed with. As fellow adherents of hers, I ask that you might please pray for his blessed repose. Finally, I ask dear Saint Michael the Archangel to protect all the volunteers you organize together who so courageously protest against the blasphemies that rear their ugly heads all too frequently these days.” - G.L., McHenry, Illinois

“Dear America Needs Fatima, I hope this note finds you all safe and well. I am so sad to tell you that my mother passed away in 2020. It was the most heartbreaking event in my lifetime. She was a long-time donor and huge fan of yours since 2009. She supported you with her prayers and donations constantly and encouraged me to do the same. In my desire to keep her memory alive, I would like to continue her charitable acts, despite being unemployed for a while and having an ailing son who suffers from hemophilia. Still, I desire and want to share in my own little way to help your work, which is truly missionary in spirit and act. Please pray for our intentions and I thank you for the prayers. I am praying for your community. May God bless us always!” - J.D., Placentia, CA

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