An Encouraging Encounter

By Keith Douet

José Walter Ferraz, a veteran Fatima Custodian, relates an encouraging encounter he had recently.

Leaving St. Mary’s Church in Williamstown, N.J., a lady approached him, her face alight. She looked vaguely familiar, and he guessed she must have been one of his Fatima Visit hostesses. She confirmed his hunch—he had brought Our Lady’s statue to her home a year before, delivered a Fatima presentation and prayed the Rosary with her family and friends.

At that time she had been diagnosed with cancer. Both she and her husband were so impressed with the presentation
that they promised Our Lady to say the Rosary every day from that day forward. Now, a year later, she is free from cancer.

As Mr. Ferraz rejoiced at the wonderful news with this Fatima Visit hostess, he could not help thinking of Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia kneeling before Mary Most Holy on July 13, 1917. Lucia was asking the Blessed Mother for several conversions, healings and other favors. In her sweet, majestic voice, Our Lady assured her that if they recited the Rosary often, these graces would be granted during the year.

As he drove away, Mr. Ferraz once more thanked Our Lady for the opportunity of bringing her message of faith, conversion and hope to homes across America.

From Crusade Magazine: May / June 2007

Header Image: Fatima Custodian José Walter Ferraz with the Pilgrim Virgin statue he takes to homes.