An Innocent Soul at a Fatima Visit

By Aldemir Siena

Michael Chad Shibler and I annually travel over 25,000 miles spreading the Fatima message all over Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. We witness adults emerge from the modern world’s grip determined to heed Our Lady’s call to prayer, penance and amendment of life.

Aldemir & Michael
Aldemir and Michael Chat with the Fatima Statue

We also see the innocence of children called to admire the sublime love of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. I was struck with an example of this innocence called to admiration after visiting the Ball’s home in Michigan. As I spoke about the Fatima message, a little girl caught my attention. Despite her age, she sat quietly during the Rosary and presentation. I thought to myself, “she could well be a chosen soul like Jacinta, who at a very young age was asked to suffer much for the sins of men.”

After the Rosary and presentation, a lively conversation ensued, whereupon our hostess, Mrs. Eileen Ball, explained how the little girl, Sydney Grace, is her granddaughter and is cross-eyed because of the poor muscle tone in her eyes. “It is through Sydney’s suffering that I understand how children’s innocent sacrifice is pleasing to God,” she said. “Every time Sydney sees the ANF calendar with Our Lady’s picture she gives it a kiss.”

As we said our goodbyes, Sydney Grace did what she was already accustomed to when she sees the picture of Our Lady on the ANF calendar—she lovingly venerated the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima. When I look at the photograph I took of that special moment, it confirmed I witnessed a singular communication of Our Lady’s graces to an innocent soul.

Sydney is one of the thousands of children strengthened by Our Lady’s maternal presence at hundreds of annual ANF Fatima presentations. Please keep her in your prayers.

From Crusade Magazine: January / February 2006

Header image: Sydney Grace admires and venerates Our Lady's pilgrim statue.