Our Lady Answers A Novena

By Charles Sulzen

It seemed like a normal West Virginia weekend as fellow Fatima Custodian Danniel Pribble and I approached a home for our next Fatima visit. After ringing the doorbell, a woman with a surprised expression cautiously opened the door. I only heightened her puzzlement when we introduced ourselves as American Needs Fatima volunteers with one of Our Lady’s visiting statues. She said she knew nothing about America Needs Fatima and most certainly did not request a visit.

Perplexed, Mr. Pribble went to double check our schedule and maps, and found that the schedule did indeed have the
woman’s exact address and name. He then called the schedulers at our Kansas office who plan our visits. Meanwhile,
the woman told me why she was so surprised by our visit. She was undergoing several family problems and was not answering any letters or phone calls. “How did we ever get your address?” I asked, to which she had no reply.

Just then, Mr. Pribble returned to tell us that nobody in Kansas could find out who put the address on the schedule. According to the computers, nobody requested a visit for this address. In fact, the woman’s name and address could not be found on our database. I was just about to apologize for the bizarre occurrence when she started to cry.

The woman explained that this very day was the last day of a novena she was praying. She had been praying for a sign
from Our Lady to help her make an important decision. Then, calling her two young daughters, she welcomed Our
Lady and us into her home to view the presentation on the Fatima apparitions and to pray the Rosary.

Driving away from the visit, I pondered, “In Our Lady’s eyes, there is no such thing as mere coincidence.” In her maternal love for this woman, Our Blessed Mother answered her novena, and Mr. Pribble and I were so honored to escort Our Lady to deliver it herself!

From Crusade Magazine: January / February 2009

Header Image: ANF Custodian Charles Sulzen prepare to take Our Lady to another home.