Where We Were Meant To Be

By Rex teodosio

Last September, I made a Fatima visit to a home near Lafayette, Indiana. My hostess explained that many people would not be attending because of the annual football game between Notre Dame University’s Fighting Irish and Purdue University’s Boilermakers.

As I walked in with the statue of Our Lady, I noticed among the few present a young couple wearing Purdue gear. They were fans, yet they were here and not at the game. After the Fatima presentation, which ran smoothly, a persistent question remained in my mind. Why were the young couple here?

I will let the young wife answer this question:

My name is Marcia Iles. My husband Jeffrey, a non-practicing Catholic, and I were invited to my aunt’s for a Fatima presentation. We had a previous engagement to attend the football game and had to decline the invitation. We were both heartbroken as we really wanted to attend both events. We were on the way to the football game when a truck running a red light hit us broadside. It missed my husband by a hair. We were shaken, stiff and sore, but unharmed and so thankful. Once we finally arrived home and were counting our blessings, I said that the Fatima presentation would be starting in a few minutes and I felt we needed to go. We drove right over. Jeffrey and I agree that someone was watching over us that day, and that we ended up being 'where we were meant to be'.

From Crusade Magazine: January / February 2007

Header Image: Jeffery and Marcia Iles together with Marcia's mother, Alice. Thanks be to Our Lady, the young couple was unharmed despite their car accident.