Entrusting Friends to Our Lady

By Kenneth Murphy

When options and words have run out, it is often time to put everything in the hands of Our Lady. At a recent Fatima visit, my host, Mrs. Lasap, did just that after finding that she could not answer all the questions of a non-Catholic couple who were her friends.

One spouse in this couple was Buddhist and the other was Baptist, and Mrs. Lasap felt that she was not able to adequately answer all of their questions about Catholicism and Our Lady. However, with a strong confidence in the Blessed Mother, she went to www.ANF.org and purchased a small statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

After having the statue blessed, she gave it to her friends with these instructions: “I can’t answer all of your questions, but I know Our Lady can. Ask Our Lady all of your questions, and if you don’t convert within one year please give this
statue back.”

As Mrs. Lasap had hoped, Our Lady took care of her two friends’ objections and within the year they both converted to Catholicism. They kept the small statue of Our Lady and were both at the Fatima presentation which Mrs. Lasap organized. After the visit they purchased a full size statue of Our Lady.

From Crusade Magazine: May / June 2012

Header Image: Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima taken to all Fatima home visits by our custodians.